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News and new product-2012-2023
2023-17: 2023-24 Full-set one-stopequipment list
2023-16:2023-24 new catalogue
2023-15:chassis noise tester
2023-14:Autool product series
2023-13:HOTON attend Canton fair
2023-12:HOTON attend Russia MIMS
2023-11:HOTON truck tire changer and balancer export
2023-10:HOTON 5T two post lift to Middle-asia
2023-09:Japan auto equipment installing finish
2023-08:  Launch Catalogue
2023-07:  For all car:PADV+EV kit
2023-06:PAD VII Scanner
2023-05:Design the wash workshop
2023-04:2023-04 HOTON load 10set containers
2023-03:EV&Petrol car repair equipment-list :$51000
2023-02:Car  workshop Full Set  $35500
2023-01:2023 New catalogue download
2022-17:one standard one-stop big workshop
2022-16:one standard Fine wash and quick repair mini-workshop
2022-15:5.5T two post lift
2022-14:2022-08 load container busy
2022-13:24pc lift send to libya
2022-12:Tuhu quick repair workshop design
2022-11:15*60m workshop design
2022-10:30x23m area workshop design
2022-09:EV car with show room 4S workshop design
2022-08:3 kinds of truck lift
2022-07:The aligner database is renewed
2022-06:New energy workshop design and equipment list
2022-05:20mx25m workshop design
2022-04:50mx70m workshop design
2022-03:How to buy the equipment:This list is over!!!
2022-02:HOTON design Your 3D workshop for you
2022-01:2022 New Full Catalgous
2021-15:X431 PRO3 diagnostic tool
2021-14:PAD V ECU programmer
2021-13:CNC801 GDI injector tester
2021-12:SATA Product and Price renew
2021-11:HOTON provide the excellent workshop
2021-10:July-2021 load container busy
2021-09:LAUNCH catalogue renew
2021-08:HOTON catalogue renew
2021-07:Wheel alignment data renew
2021-06:HC-F80 Fireproof ,bottom filter,Negative Pressure
2021-02:LAUNCH product load container
2021-01:SATA product series
2020-14:FLY-EAGLE(feiying) Product
2020-13:LAUNCH 6T two post lift TLT260AT
2020-12:Workshop building service
2020-11:Hoton export busily
2020-10:More China Tmall chain-shop Opening
2020-09:More China TUHU chain-shop Opening
2020-08:Hoton one-stop workshop finish installing
2020-07:Hoton special for designing workshop
2020-06:Hoton special for designing Car repair work bench
2020-05:Hoton special for designing Car Care washing booth
2020-04:Hoton special for Car assembly line
2020-03:Hoton special for designing painting line
2020-02:Hoton export busily (2020-01)
2020-01:All Launch Equipment Workshop
2019-15:HOTON Become the founder of Fine Car Care Workshop
2019-14:Mr Ahmed visit HOTON from England
2019-13:Jining workshop open
2019-12:More Wheel Alignment provide
2019-11:More than 10 express repair workshop been opened
2019-10:Tool Trolley Set Series
2019-09:Car Care Workshop Light Series
2019-08:Four Door Paint booth On Sale
2019-07:Hoton export busily (201907)
2019-06:China One Stop Workshop Open
2019-05:One stop small Workshop Open
2019-04:Ethiopian auto equipment installing finish
2019-03:Quick Repair Workshop Open
2019-02:Tire service&maintenance&cleaning equipment
2019-01:Chile Repair Workshop Open
2018-14:Big Workshop Case
2018-13:5T two post lifter
2018-12:fine washing&quick repair&body&painting one stop workshop
2018-11:Hoton export busily in September(201811)
2018-10:Negative pressure  Spray Booth installation cases
2018-09:Alignment data update online
2018-08:HCF90G negative pressure  Spray Booth
2018-07:HOTON got the third  Launch volume in 2017
2018-06:UZBEKISTAN workshop open
2018-05:Hoton export busily (201805)
2018-04: VIDEO:3D aligment introduce
2018-03: VIDEO:3D automatic balancer
2018-02: VIDEO:Stainless&Glass door Spray Booth
2018-01: 5T/4.5M Double scissor lifter
2017-14:BAHRAIN installation ended successfully
2017-13:UZBEKISTAN installation ended successfully
2017-12:Hoton export busily (201711)
2017-11:Provide complete Launch equipment
2017-10:Provide Full set auto repair workshop equipment
2017-09:Hoton export busily (201709)
2017-08: HOTON design case
2017-07: Hoton customer  Case: car garage senior
2017-06: 2017 Canton fair
2017-05:Hoton export busily (201701)
2017-04:We will attend 2017 Canton Fair
2017-03:Hoton customer  Case: car garage senior
2017-02:Hoton customer  Case: car garage middle
2017-01:Hoton customer Case: car garage standard
2016-13:Hoton Myanmaer branch company
2016-12:Hoton new tire balancer and changer
2016-11:168PC Tool cabinet wholesale Only $368
2016-10:Hoton ZD-260C Paiting Room
2016-09:Hoton export busily
2016-08:Hoton new brand-ZD united
2016-07:Launch lift series
2016-07:Auto Diagnostics system
2016-06:Single Post Lift
2016-05:BMW,BENZ tool with trolley set
2016-04:Tire repair equipment and consumer goods
2016-03:Scissor floor lift
2016-02: four post floor lift introduce
2016-01:8T/10T/12T/16T Four post lift introduce
2015year news
2015-10:CHRIS come to HOTON buy products second from Nigeria
2015-09:HOTON exports busy On October
2015-08:Guangzhou Automobile 4S shop equipment installation is completed
2015-07:Case: Heihe import car repair shop install ending
2015-06:The installation of equipment exported to Mongolia successfully ended
2015-05:Shanghai HOTON complete the Canton Fair successfully
2015-04:2015 New catalogue download
2015-04:China case-4 design / One stop repair station
2015-03:China case-3 design /Benz BMW repair station
2015-03:China case-2 design /Benz BMW repair station
2015-02:China case-1 design / 2-storey lifting struction
2015-01:One-stop repair station planning and real example
2014-12:Four  post 2-storey lifting system
2014-11:we design workshop for you
2014-11:New product price list
2014-10:Hoton Export busy on August&September
2014-09:Heihe Import Auto Repair Factory Equipment Installation
2014-09:The Second Factory of Shenzhou Rental Been Completed
2014-08:Nine-Easy Car workshop been end
2014-07:I love Africa,I love Nigeria Forever
2014-06:2014-6 Hoton export busy
2014-06:3 workshop design case and install the equipment
2014-05:Talking about SUV repair equipment
2014-05:Auto Equiupment of SUV&Luxury Car Suggest
2014-04:HOTON have completed loading 10PC containers in 2 days
2014-03: How to build your workshop follow me 600m2 design
2014-02:2014 3D Alignment more stable and more cheap
2014-01:Equipment installation for Nigerian
2013-12:Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia
2013-11:we provide one stop service design install car equipment 1000m2 design
2013-9:Design:same equipment, why not  result
2013-8:Shanghai Hoton is busy on Hot and Rainy August
2013-6:Shanghai HOTON  busiest on  month of July (multi-map)
2013-5:New price download
2013-4:Shanghai hoton auto special equipment show room
2013-3:Panama customer repair factory opened
2013-2:ASIK come to HOTON for training
2012-11:Oct/2012 HOTON export busy
2012-10:Shanghai HOTON  design all kinds of workshop drawing ( 2012)
2012-9:The advantages of Hoton 3D wheel aligners compared with the ones of other brands
2012-8:Jul/2012 HOTON export busy
2012-7:Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia
2012-7:My Mozambique friend find me to design his workshop in china
2012-6:2000m3 workshop design
2012-6:Jun/2012 HOTON export busy
2012-6:3D alignment with four lift (launch brand) only sale :$ 6900
2012-6:We have sent more than 200PC lifts on JUN
2012-5:Taiwan LUXGEN Auto Special Repair Station(SUZHOU) have install the equipment of my company
2012-5:China KingLong Auto special repair station have install all the bus equipment from Hoton
2012-4:MR FU (from Panama)visit our company&factory ,Book many products
2012-3:  March/2012 HOTON export busy


Japan auto equipment installing finish
Ethiopian auto equipment installing finish
One stop small Workshop Open
Ethiopian auto equipment installing finish
Chile Repair Workshop Open
Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia
Equipment installation for Nigerian
I love Africa,I love Nigeria Forever
UZBEKISTAN installation ended successfully
UZBEKISTAN workshop open
BAHRAIN installation ended successfully
MR FU (from Panama)visit our company&factory ,Book many products
Hoton export busily in May (7PC containers)
Hoton export busily (201801)
Hoton export busily (201711)
Hoton export busily (201709)
Hoton export busily (201701)
Hoton export busily(201609)
Hoton export busily in September(201811)
Hoton Myanmaer branch company


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