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Index— —Company New——The installation of equipment exported to Mongolia successfully ended

 The installation of equipment exported to UZBEKISTAN successfully ended

      Shanghai HOTON Auto Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company which focuses both the domestic and export business, offering various services based on auto repair equipment and tools. During the past years, it has been committed to auto repair workshop projects both at home and abroad, providing customers with the best service in view of its own knowledge, technology and experience.

We offer the following services:
1: We provide customs clearance services. We can give back the tax refund (special government compensation to Chinese factories) to customers after the export fee deduction; of course, the customers can also arrange the customs clearance/shipping by themselves.
2: We help with all kinds of customs clearance procedures including inspection, pre-shipment inspection, export packaging and etc.
2: We can arrange the freight forwarding agents, so our customers do not have to look for cargo loading and unloading service painstakingly.
3: We provide installation service. If customers would like to accompany us, we would like to send some personnel to the target place for the installation.
4: We provide training service in China. If there are trainees coming here, we quite would like to arrange the training.


2:Install painting room

3:install body repair frame

4:install four post lift and scissor lift

5:install alignment


6:install two post lift

7:install tire changer and tire balance

8:finish all and take photo

9:trip and back to china

we can do all for you also.

Workshop opening


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