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 Workshop  Design


one standard Fine wash and quick repair mini-workshop one standard one-stop big workshop

EV car with show room 4S workshop design

30x23m area workshop design

Tuhu quick repair workshop design

New energy woekshop design and equipment list

20mx25m workshop design

15*60m workshop design


50mx70m workshop design


Design repair workshop for you
    Do you have the following situation
    A:No planning,you have bought the auto equipment,but the factory can not suit to install the equipment,so you have to re-cut the ground, or even need to re-layout of the ground and casting equipment
    B:Because the workshop manufacturer and designer don,t understand the size of the equipment, so you can not successfully install the equipment, or the use of limited .
     C:You all ready, now you do not know need how much equipment and tools
   Hoton auto equipment company sell all automotive equipment,at the same time we provide all kinds of planning services.   







How to build your worshop well, follow me

First:you must provide us the size of workshop,If you don't build your workshop yet,you must give us the size of factory area,we tell you how to build.

Second:we design the workshop for you,and figure out the equiupment that you need.

 Third:Then you build your workshop according design.we prepare your equipment

 Fourth:install the equipment yourself or we arrage people help you or our brand help u

 Hoton Provide overall auto repair workshop equipment

    At present, you can buy all the equipment of auto repair from us ,we provide overall uniform quality and reliable auto repair workshop equipment and tools.     The  processes of buy equipment follow : design workshop - forecast equipment&hardware tools price - Price discuss - closing the contract -  training - exports, our company provide a venue for loading the container .     We have exported 50 Standard containers, so we have the export experience,  The follow is  standard price, please adjustments the number according to actual,if you need more specific information

How to buy the equipment:This list is over!!!

If you need,you can email to me    Mr John +8613801993101

2022-04:50mx70m workshop design
2022-05:20mx25m workshop design



Design painting line Design Car assemble line
Exhaust Extraction System(code139xx) PVR compressed air piping system(code138xx)
Combination of automatic reel series(code135xx) Car Care Workshop Light Series(Code:66xxx)
Floor tile Power line and Accessory


20mx25m workshop design 50mx70m workshop design
Chile Repair Workshop Open  
China case-1 design / 2-storey lifting struction China case-2 design /Benz BMW repair station
China case-3 design /Benz BMW repair station China case-4 design / One stop repair station
Mozambique customer design his workshop Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia
Heihe Auto Repair Factory Equipment Installation Nine-Easy Car workshop been end
How to build your workshop follow me 600m2 design 3 workshop design case and install the equipment
china case 1 1500m2 china case 2 1200m2
case 3:area 1500m2  case 4: area 2000m2


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