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HC463G Open Four Post Lift (Item:24006)


. Electro-hydraulic lift, with hydraulic cylinder located under one of the platforms.
Pneumatic Locker,More safer than manual.
. Open column type.
. Low profile platforms, with short drive-on ramps, can be for when fully lowered,requires less space.
. Each platform is the complete steel plate without splicing, no welding, ensures durability and planeness
. With second lifting guide rail and equipped the secondary lifting trolley
. Safety rack installed in each column. Mechanical lock engaged automatically in lifting process.
. Adjustable width between two platforms makes the lift more flexible for different vehicles.
. Equipped second lifting guide rail and the secondary lifting trolley


  • Model
  • HC-463G(Item:24006)
  • Machine body
  • Main unit          |  2th lifting trolley   
  • Lifting Capacity
  • 6300kg (11023 lb) | 3150kg
  • Lifting Height
  • 1750mm (69")   | 490mm
  • Platform height
  • 245mm (9.6")
  • Platform length
  • 5275mm (207”)  |  880mm-1280mm
  • Platform width
  • 508mm (20.5")    |  175mm (6.9")
  • Lifting time
  • ≤55s                      |    ≤12s
  • Dropping time
  • ≤55s                      |    ≤12s
  • Width
  • 3595mm (137")
  • Length
  • 6430mm (244")
  •      Power of motor        
  • 3kw
  • Power Supply
  • 380V 1/3 PHASE
  •     Air compressor        
  • 6-8kgf



Package Information
Metal frame and carton

6000*600*800mm 2250kg
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Second lift Pneumatic structure oil water separator

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