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FY6000 Spot welding machine For Iron



 The Plate Renovated Machine’s features: easy moving and operating; high power output; welding functions such as vertical pulling, heating/contract sheet plate, spot welding, stud, plate cutting, etc. In accordance with the correct operation, without dismantling the vehicle ,It is the most ideal and necessary equipment for the auto maintenance.
Voltage monitor automatically
Over-heat protection
Adopt precise time adjustment system
Welding tips for vertical pulling is available
Welding function for different plates such as heat, meson, vertical pulling, spot welding, flatten, waveform line, stud, OT type washer and triangle washer etc
Super Configuration
Achieve the best welding result with micro processor control, advanced digital control tech, and special personalize design due to choose the suitable welding strength
Adopt HUA curve silicon steel chip, 100% copper core transformer
Adopt world famous brand DELIXI, OMRON, PANASONIC relay
Welding tips for vertical pulling are available
Adopt precise time adjustment system
Various pulling power devices and different welding torches
Equipped with stud welding device
Welding strength can be chosen
Equipped infinitely current regulate
Equipped with various of welding tools
Equipped with manual vacuum cupule device


input voltage: 220V/380 V 50/60Hz
Input power: 19 KVA
Input current: 50 A
Instand max.current: 5000 A
Operation way: continuity
Time regulation system: 0-99ms time setting available
Operation place: ABC
Power cable length: 2300+1900 MM
Vacuum suction: 150 KG
Claw puller: Available
Vertical pull welding torch: Available
Dimension: 620×450×980 MM
Weight: 70 KG


Package Information:
Metal frame and carton 
More Detail:

Welding Functions
 1) Carbon Rod Heating

 2) Washer Welding

 3) Single-sided Spot Welding

 4) Claw Puller Dent Pulling

 5) Triangle Washer Spot Hammer Dent Pulling

 6) Manual Vacuum Cupule Dent Pulling

 7) Carbon Rod Stitch Welding

 8) Hook Puller Dent Pulling
 9) Wavy Wire Welding

Due to the continuous innovation and upgrade, our products' features may be updated. 
Please refer to actual products or contact us for more information.


Accessories for reference



F002 Pulling Hammer with Hook

F003 Dent Pulling Spot Hammer

F006 Wavy Wire

F007 Carbon Rod

F008 Spot Welding Electrode Tip

F009 Carbon Rod Connector

F010 Wavy Wire Electrode Tip

F011 Washer Connector

F014 Claw

F015 Triangle Washer

F017 Washer

F018 Earth Clamp

F019 Manual Cupule

F033 Wrench

1 set

1 set


















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