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FYMIG5260 CO2 Welding Machine For AL&Iron

With a multifunctional color LCD panel and the most advanced DSP control technology. It features one button intelligent design to automatically store equipment information and to select the welding modes for various materials like steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and nickel. The user can store the welding parameters easily and safely.
With a world famous brand of welding power supply, IGBT inverter pulsed technology and soft switching control technology. Unit has high protectiveness, extensive applicability and a world class welding performance.
Designed with fender panel for gas cylinder to fix onto the machine.
With a high quality welding gun, a durable protective cover and specially designed gun holder.
IGBT inverter pulsed and soft switching control technology allows for energy efficient steady welding with fast arc ignition. Materials' mechanical properties are maintained with less welding deformation and spatter. User can quickly and easily weld car bodies with various materials and achieve a perfect performance. There is also less post welding treatment work and less welding sparks are created.



Input Voltage

Max rated input power

Max rated input current

Max output current

Output voltage

No-load output voltage

Duty cycle


Power factor

Steel wire diameter

Alu alloy wire diameter

Copper alloy wire diameter




400V or 230V














Package Information:
Metal frame and carton 
More Detail:

Optional Accessories
1) C035 Alu Alloy Wire

2) C036 Steel Wire


3) C037 Copper Alloy Wire


4) C007D 15AK, 24AK or 36AK Welding Torch

5) C033F 15AK Alu Welding Torch


6) C034 Spool Gun


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